Land of the Setting Sun EP

by Isenmor

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Arrogant Bastard
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Arrogant Bastard Folk metal hasn't made a splash in the metal scene in years. Guess I gotta look back to get my fix.
Didn't have to go far, Isenmor's little EP is a breath of fresh air. The metal aspect sports a robust Ensiferum vibe and showers it in folky violin á la Eluveitie, ensuring Land of the Setting Sun is a joyful experience start to finish. Favorite track: Pyre.
Antar Wolfheart
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Antar Wolfheart I just discovered this band here on bandcamp and I just had to buy their stuff, powerful folk metal, recommended! Favorite track: Pyre.
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Re-recorded, re-released version of our 2015 debut EP, Land of the Setting Sun!

BANDCAMP EXCLUSIVE: Get Land of the Setting Sun here on Bandcamp right now before it's available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and Google Play! All digital & CD orders prior to the release date (10/14/2016) will receive an immediate download of all 5 EP tracks! CD orders will be shipped on or before the release date.

ISENMOR’s debut self-released EP, Land of the Setting Sun, was originally released on June 21st, 2015, the day of the Summer Solstice. Upon selling out of the first run of CDs, the band re-recorded the entire EP from scratch with their new lineup. The re-release, out on October 14th, 2016, captures the heart of the original release, but with significantly higher production quality.

The EP opens with “Death is a Fine Companion,” a song as brutal and chaotic as the tale of battle it tells. “Pyre” follows as a somber reminder of the reality of war and the lives it costs. The powerful title track, “Land of the Setting Sun,” captures the spirit of adventure and curiosity in men that inspired the voyages of discovery to Vinland. “So Willingly Deceived” is a solemn track, mourning men’s abandonment of their old gods for Christianity. And like a good drink at the end of the day, the EP finishes with the lively closer “The Old Mead Hall.”

Land of the Setting Sun’s cover artwork features a painting by Knud Baade, a 19th century Norwegian painter. The inner artwork are depictions of the Valkyries (referenced in “Pyre”) and Skinfaxi (Shining Mane) & Dagr (Day) and Hrimfaxi (Frost Mane) & Nott (Night) pulling the sun and moon across the sky on chariots, (referenced in “Land of the Setting Sun,”) drawn by English illustrator John Charles Dollman.


released October 14, 2016

Nick Schneider - violin, vocals
Tim Regan - guitar, vocals
Michael Wilson - bass, vocals
Jon Lyon - keys, vocals
Daniel Tidwell - guitar
Mark Williams - violin
David Spencer - drums


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Isenmor Baltimore, Maryland

ISENMOR is dual-violin-fronted Gewyrdelic Folc Metal. Combining elements of folk metal greats ENSIFERUM, HEIDEVOLK, ELUVEITIE, FALKENBACH, and TÝR, ISENMOR fuses the heart of the Old World with the spirit of those who sought out new shores.

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Track Name: Death is a Fine Companion
The arrows singing in the sky
A duet with the battle cry
As men are charging from their lines
Seeking glory

Hosts meet with a mighty crash
Spears are splintered
Shields are smashed
Shining swords raised in the sun
Bring men honor

Death is a fine companion
When he comes for the foe
But keep your welcome warm
When he comes for you

Screaming echoes all around
The cries of men we've stricken down
Cowards throw their arms and flee
Men no longer

Warriors would rather die
Than live out a disgraceful life
They kill as many as they can
And die with valor

Death is a fine companion
When he comes for the foe
But keep your welcome warm
When he comes for you

“Cattle die, kinsmen Die,
Even the self must die
There is one thing which never dies:
The reputation of each dead man”

“Cattle die, kinsmen Die,
Even the self must die
There is one thing which never dies:
Glory for the man who can achieve it”
- Adapted from Havamal

So do not let fear block your hand
See to it blood shall coat this land
Whether it be yours or theirs
Makes small difference

The only thing that's better than
Taking lives of other men
Is to sacrifice your own
A death in battle

Death is a fine companion
When he comes for the foe
But keep your welcome warm
When he comes for you
Track Name: Pyre
A pyre burns to consume
The flesh of men cut down in youth
A warrior’s death
but a death too soon
Now women weep
over burning bones

A mother's tears
The price to pay
Whether to win
Or lose the day
Our son's lives
Their breath and blood
Like red gold paid
To the one-eyed god

Allfather, why
Did you give Frige
First choice of the slain?
She takes our young
Our fair faced sons
Why can’t she
Take the old like you?

Our sons' lives
The price to pay
And what good has it
Done this day?
Their blood soaks into
Foreign soil
And what have our
People gained?

A pyre burns
Our tears away
As we mourn
The dead this day
Is a fine last home
But our sons went there
Far too soon
Track Name: Land of the Setting Sun
At the end of day
There must be a place
Where Shining Mane
Stops his chariot to rest

Beyond the icy seas
No man has ever crossed
A hidden land must lie
Where the sun waits for the dawn

Tearing glaciers, raging seas
Screaming winds lie between

Though dangers there may be
This land is within reach
For men who have the will
To brave the treacherous sea

To leave their hearth and home
And families behind
To set out on the waves
With likely death to find

To the Land of the Setting Sun
Far across the raging seas
Over Jörmungander’s deep
We make our place in history

Sail to the west
To unknown shores
Will you find death
Or a place to call home?

What you shall find
No man can know
But if you don't seek it
Then none ever shall

So cast up sails
And see to the oars
No land shall be spared
From the Men of the North!

At the end of day
There must be a place
Where Shining Mane
Stops his chariot to rest

And why should this land
Stay unseen by men
If there are those who
Will voyage to the west?

For as long as there are men
Who yearn to prove
their worth
And seek out the unknown
We shall always find
new shores

The land of the sun’s rest
Shall not be the end
For the fire in man's mind
Is ever hard to quench
Track Name: So Willingly Deceived
See the Ash and Elm
From which Mankind
were carved
And given breath of life
By your fathers’ gods

See the Runes on the stones
Bought at such great price
So their secrets men could know
Through Wodan's sacrifice

Hear the Thunder in the Sky
The sound of Donar's
mighty strikes
Through all the Nine Worlds
he rides
As he defends all of mankind

The missing eye and hand
Given gladly by the gods
To keep all safe from harm
By Loki's ravenous spawn

But yet you have forgotten
All this that has been done
You gladly pledge yourselves
To a tyrant's bastard son

So willingly deceived
By a poorly concealed lie
And what good has it done
For your foolish, traitorous lives?

How could you turn your backs
On those who gave you all?
How could you have forgot
All that the gods have done?

So willingly deceived
By a poorly concealed lie
Of a coward's paradise
How could you be so blind?

After all you have been told
Of the Aesir's mighty deeds
How is it you have been
So willingly deceived?
Track Name: The Old Mead Hall
Tonight we're alive
That can't be said for all
So let's celebrate
In the Old Mead Hall

The fire's warm
And the benches long
The wenches are fair
And there's mead for all

Drink, the drink of the gods
Drink, drink to the fallen ones
In the Old Mead Hall

So raise your horns
Drain them quick
Then drink some more
Grab your favored wench
Hold her tight
And sheathe your sword
Now every man must drink mead
When in this hall
Go, make your boasts
Keep them true
We'll test them all

We'll sing our songs
And we'll make our toasts
To great warriors
And our generous hosts

Men will tell
Of heroes old
Who fought great beasts
And took their gold

The mead may not be
From Heidrun’s teat
But it's good enough
For men to drink

So raise your horns
At every call
And get blind drunk
At the Old Mead Hall

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